Cover blocks

cover blocks are a type of spacer, which used to be low to upper in the rebar matrix because concrete flows under the rebar. It usually covers 2 to 3 inches on all concrete sides to protect from the leak. The cover block lifts 2 to 3 inches to flow all the rebar to different parts. Cover blocks, such as stone cover blocks, wooden cover blocks, steel covers, aluminum cover books, cement cover books, etc., are specially made for construction. Which use for concrete materials such as cement, water, gravel, and crushed stone are used as a mixture after being converted to the hard mode. It is beneficial for long-term projects. Concrete Cover Blocks are used for large projects because those blocks are solid and useful for construction..

Cement spacer blocks are for large projects like slabs, dams, and construction areas. It helps cover a damaged area. It makes blocks according to the need. Cement Spacers Cost is prohibitive; therefore, it benefits big projects. There are various types of blocks, and they are used according to budget and projects.

Bar chairs

Bar chairs reinforce upper and lower reinforcement and fill the gap and stability. Bar chairs support the reinforcement cage—materials like plastic and metal. Bars are made of lightweight material and are easy to install.

Concrete spacer blocks 

Concrete spacer blocks combine cement, water, crushed stone, and gravel. It’s a perfect texture to join bricks, making running hard for a long time. Engineers design concrete spacer blocks to carry heavy loads. It is used for rebar cover in the right place with the right cover for the reinforcement cage. Concrete spacers are used in heavy and oversized projects such as bridges, dams, slabs, construction sites, etc. because they are of good quality. Large-sized projects used steel cover blocks, and in non-dangerous locations plastic cover blocks are used. 

Benefits of concrete spacer blocks:

Why use concrete spacer blocks instead of bar chairs?

This is because the mass of steel can crush the chairs and lead the steel bar to displace from its position, which can cause structural integrity. That is why concrete spacer blocks are used, which hold greater weight without being displaced. Concrete spacer blocks carefully and tightly holds the steel bar while the concrete is being poured. 


Concrete spacer and bar chairs help reinforce the cage, designed by the engineer to carry heavy loads of blocks and fill the damaged area. If you are looking for the leading provider of concrete spacer blocks, look no further than SVRCC Concrete Spacers

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