What is the Purpose of Concrete Spacer Blocks?​

Concrete spacer blocks are essential components of construction projects, particularly reinforced concrete structures. They serve several critical purposes that ensure the structure’s strength and durability.

Concrete spacer blocks provide uniform separation between reinforcement bars or rebars. The placement of these blocks ensures that the reinforcement bars are correctly positioned and maintained at a specific distance from each other. This separation prevents rebar shifting or moving during concrete pouring.

Concrete spacer blocks also help to maintain concrete cover thickness over reinforcement bars. This cover thickness is necessary to protect the rebars from corrosion caused by exposure to air and moisture. This can strain the structure over time.

Another purpose of concrete spacer blocks is to ensure consistent quality and strength throughout the structure. The uniform spacing between the reinforcement bars and the concrete cover thickness helps to ensure that concrete strength is evenly distributed throughout the structure.

In addition to these critical purposes, concrete spacer blocks also simplify the construction process. This is done by providing a reliable and efficient means of spacing reinforcement bars during concrete pouring. This simplification saves time and money, making construction more efficient and cost-effective.

Concrete spacer blocks ensure the structure is made to the highest quality and durability standards and will stand the test of time.

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