What is a Concrete Cover Block?

A Concrete Cover Block is a crucial element in the construction of a building. It gives a concrete structure its required durability and strength.

Cover Blocks maintain an exact distance between the reinforcing bars and the formwork and give that reinforcement a necessary cover. 

Cover Blocks also help in resisting corrosion, thus giving the reinforcement its durability and strength. They are used to ensure that the reinforcing bars get placed at a proper depth. 

Since Cement Spacers Cost is affordable, you can select any block according to your needs and utility. Concrete Cover blocks come in various shapes and sizes according to your requirements. 

Uses of Concrete Cover in Construction


Types of Concrete Cover blocks

There are different types of concrete cover blocks based on their usage, dependability and shapes. You can select any of these blocks depending upon your needs. These are:

  1. Cement Mortar Cover Block
  2. PVC Cover Block
  3. Aluminium Cover block
  4. Steel cover block
  5. Stone cover block

Type of Block used in Construction

Usually in a construction field, the rebar needs to be covered with concrete to avoid corrosion. So they have different sizes and shapes for your use, which are:

  1. Raft Foundation Sides/Bottom: 50mm-75mm
  2. Strap Beam: 25 mm
  3. Slab: 20mm
  4. Column: 40 mm
  5. Shear Wall: 25mm
  6. Beam: 25 mm
  7. Slab:  15 mm
  8. Fat Slab: 20 mm
  9. Staircase: 15 mm

There are many instances when you select the wrong block, resulting in unwanted situations. Hence, it is essential to always choose the correct block. It will always protect your building from corrosion, fire and ensure proper strength and security. It will save you a lot of money since concrete blocks are generally low maintenance. 

If you also want to check before buying a cover block, you should always consult people involved and experienced in the construction business. It will impart more knowledge and help you plan the construction of your dream home.

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