A Concrete Cover Block, also known as Cement Spacer Block, is a spacer that is basically used to lift the rebar matrix above the ground so that concrete may flow beneath the bar. They are also known as Aspro spacers.

Cement Spacers Cost is very cheap in India, which makes them more affordable to use apart from their reliable usage. It typically needs about 2 to 3 inches of coverage from all sides.

Concrete Spacer Blocks are always available as a plain block, sometimes with a galvanised loop wire for quickly tying the block onto the reinforcement.

These Slabs are ideal for footings and slabs with heavy bars. They are frequently used with base plates. 

Properties of Concrete Cover Blocks

They should have the strength and capacity to withstand the weight of concrete and reinforced steel.

They are built to be unbreakable and resistant to weather-based phenomena, chemicals, and other environmental calamities which could cause damage and degrade the structure.

They also should be of the right size and shape to provide proper and robust support and space to the reinforced steel and its formwork.

They must bond well with the reinforced steel and concrete to ensure that the reinforcement remains in place and provides the required strength to the structure.

Advantages of Concrete Spacers in Constructions

Importance of Concrete Spacers

Concrete spacers are the chief tool in any construction process. They delay the softening of the rebars in case of fires. Standards usually regulate the thickness of the concrete cover and have different utility conditions in various types of structures.

The application of these covers is proven beneficial to the areas where high earthquake activity and a corrosive environment (like proximity to the salt water of the sea) can occur.

Types of Concrete Spacers


SVRCC Concrete Spacers provides innovative and easy-to-use and install spacers and covers for various construction purposes. These spacers save time and effort and make erecting buildings easy with the help of correct alignment. Made from durable materials, these spacers can withstand any calamity thrown upon them and still ensure better quality of building structures. They are highly crucial for numerous projects and sectors, ensuring optimal performance and safety through proper accuracy in spacing and alignment. With their exact engineering and attention to detail, these concrete spacers provide us with a reliable and cost-effective solution for various applications. Hence, Cement Spacers are important for construction and save a lot of time and energy.

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