The use of concrete cover spacers is very crucial in the building industry. The Concrete Cover Blocks are spacers used to lift the steel frame of the ground so that the Concrete can easily flow under the mesh for better strength and sturdiness.

The greatness of any architectural structure is not just in its beauty but also in its sheer strength. In a construction business, you must know the importance of good quality concrete spacers and cover blocks.

In this blog, we will learn the importance of using concrete cover blocks, their cost, and where to buy excellent quality concrete cover blocks.

Types of cover blocks

Different cover blocks are present in the market based on the materials used to make them.

The importance of concrete cover blocks

Maintain the correct concrete cover uniformly across the slab or the span of a beam.

Preventing sideways shifting of bars is a slab as people move over them during concreting.

Maintaining a safe distance between steel bars and shutters.

Provide thermal insulation, which checks reinforcement bars from fire.

IMPORTANT NOTE- You must use concrete cover bars with the same grade of Concrete as the building.

Various names of concrete cover blocks 

Different names know concrete cover blocks:

Cover Block Spacers

It is a multipurpose cover block. You get slots according to the different spacings of the building components. The column and footer have separate sections, respectively. The spaces for some of the components  alongside their sizes are:

Footing Cover Blocks

A cover block of 50mm is perfect for footing. You can then place rebars on the top; you prepare the footing mesh this way. In footings, cover blocks should be placed at the bottom of the footing, providing the necessary concrete cover to the reinforcement bars. The number of cover blocks required will depend on the size and spacing of the bars. It is essential to ensure that you place cover blocks accurately to maintain the thickness of the cover needed and prevent any damage to the reinforcement during the construction process.

Multipurpose cover block in column

Cover blocks in columns are 40mm in size. You typically place these blocks at every intersection of the vertical reinforcement bars, also known as the longitudinal bars and the lateral ties. The number of cover blocks required will depend on the size and spacing of the reinforcement bars. It would help to place the cover blocks securely to ensure that the required concrete cover is maintained and protects the reinforcement from corrosion.

Cover Block in Beam

For beams, cover blocks are 25mm in size. Placing them at the bottom and top of the beam would be best. The number of cover blocks required will depend on the size and spacing of the reinforcement bars. These cover blocks provide adequate concrete cover and prevent the steel bars from coming into direct contact with the surrounding environment.

Reinforced concrete cement covers

Reinforced Concrete is a composite material. We have the steel to take the tension and the concrete compression. 


Based on their usability and material, You can find the Cement Spacers Cost of various types of concrete spacer blocks. You can find many suppliers of the best quality cement spacers for sturdy building manufacture.


The concrete cover is an essential material that helps to maintain the proper covering of the concrete layer on steel during casting. It is critical to provide concrete cover because, without it, corrosion on steel probability increases because of uneven covering of the concrete layer. You can buy the best quality cement cover blocks at SVRCC Dhiman to suit your varied manufacturing needs. 

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